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My Passion for Carvings

On February 25, 2011, in Posts, by Warren Sheets Design

Seeing beautiful carvings like this one, always makes me realize that the the work of talented artists whom create with their eyes and hands  is something that we must always maintain.  In an automated and computerized world, it is important to support those that have such talent.

Shown at the top of this page, is a carving from a Fireplace Mantle that we had carved for us by a Family in Verona, Italy.  This family of artisans  do nothing but what they’ve done for generation upon generation.  Infact, within their modest 1,000 square foot Shop are four generations of Master Stone carvers – the eldest teaching his great great grand children the techniques that they he grew up with and has lived with (and by) for over two hundred years.  There are no carving machines here.

I love this family.  I love these people…..because they represent heritage!

And because of my passion for preserving ancient art forms, we have two passionate people, one of which whom I have known for nearly two decades, who scout their country (Italy) for other talented artisans such as these.  They have connected us with Wood Carvers, Stone Carvers, Finishers, Painters, Muralists, among just a few.

Beautiful carvings are produced by Master Carvers such as these, however the design itself must first be drawn or conceived.   One Vendor that we have used on many occasions, does just that.  They revive and re-create historical patterns that can be used for in a variety of applications.

MODELLO DESIGNS ( offer their designs  in the form of Stencils.  Stencils are generally used as a pattern from which to paint a classical design onto a Wall, a Ceiling or even Furniture – whether it be through the use of Paint or Metal Leaf such as bronzing.  However, we also use their designs to show both Wood and Stone Carvers a “design direction”.

Thank you MODELLO DESIGNS, and others such as the wonderfully talented JEFFERY TURNER in Los Angeles, (whom doesn’t use Stencils, but instead creates and re-creates classical design elements from the nearly forty years of research that now resides in his head. Artisans – please keep this art form alive for future generations.



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