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Reinvent Your Outdoor Space: Just Add Water!

On August 31, 2012, in Posts, Uncategorized, by Warren Sheets Design

A water feature can transform a modest outdoor space into a garden sanctuary – providing an important focal point, as well as a soothing, trickling sound which carries into the interior.

 From large fountains to small birdbaths, water features run the gamut in size and scope. Often, when we think of water features, traditional swimming pools come to mind. But a water element doesn’t have to be elaborate. With a bit of creativity a wonderful fountain can be fashioned from a simple garden pot.

Mosaic Tile At The Base Of A Roman Fountain

While there are many options, installing a water feature into an outdoor space hinges entirely on personal style, available space, threshold for maintenance – and, of course, budget. Examples include:

Fountains. While one of the straightforward types of water features, fountains can add tremendous depth to any home and range from massive concrete structures to small garden pots converted into bubbling containers.

Waterfalls. Waterfalls add an exhilarating accent, but can be a fairly complicated endeavor. To properly place and install, you may want to enlist the expertise of a professional.

A Grand Water Fall On The Back Side of this Swimming Pool Makes For A Dramatic Statement

Ponds. A small pond can be integrated fairly easily into a backyard, but does take some careful planning, including identifying the ideal location, pump installation, etc.

Swimming Pools. The most common of all water features, swimming pools are of course the most expensive but can be customized and upgraded in many unique ways to reflect a unique design style.

As an example, we created this one-of-a-kind swimming pool featuring a hand-assembled intricate mosaic at the center. The sparkling glass tile medallion was hand fabricated by a family of master stone and glass tile artisans in Verona, Italy. To create the mosaic, we drew a life-size replica of the medallion in our design studio and sent the design to Verona. There, a four-generation family of artisans carefully recreated our design by cutting individual slabs of glass into more than 20,000 irregularly sized pieces – accented with clear glass leafed with 18 carat gold creating an additional sparkle. While it took four months to cut the medallion into its final shape, the end result was well worth it – and tied in beautifully with the owner’s magnificent Mediterranean-style home and vibrant color palette.

Hand Cut Mosaic Tile At The Bottom Of A Roman 'Wishing' Pool

As another example, in the pictured garden, we incorporated a simple bird bath, which is also a slow running fountain. This feature added a decorative element and instilled a peaceful sound that carries into the interior, providing audio as well as visual appeal. Always remember interiors can be multi-dimensional and are not restricted to the visual senses – an element of sound can significantly enhance a home’s décor.

Whether you opt to install a plain birdbath or completely refurbish your backyard, water features are refreshing, cleansing and aesthetically pleasing – and offer a wonderful way to revive your outdoor living area.

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